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“We have taken the versatility of the group with the core product used in our manufacturing to present Versasteel, the new all in one supplier for all industrial roofing needs.”

Heys-Shaw of Ashton-Under-Lyne and J.W.Entwistle of Salford has been partners for over 10 years but run as two independent companies. Now the group is united under the new name of Versasteel to provide a complete service drawing on the strengths of the two companies with the following comprehensive mission:

Combining over 100 years of experience in the industrial roofing sector to create a powerful, professional, partner needed for business today

“A change in identity is a chance to reignite sales by reassessing what the core values of the company are. A new-look identity is a visual hook to a new mission. To have at your disposal over 100 years experience in the sector and not unite them and drive them forward as one would be a wasted chance.”

At Salford, J W Entwistle, has been a long established company originating in the late 1800’s. The business was far different then and manufactured baking tins for the local bakery industry. The change in direction came over 50 years ago and was the first manufacturers of rainwater dispersal systems for industrial buildings in the North West. The current owner, Richard Frame, bought the company over 10 years ago and has since constantly updated the machinery and practises required to service today’s market. The product range comprises of the standard range of flashings, gutters, Insulated and membrane gutters, Louvres, Soakers, Obsolete profiled sheets, Bullnose features, Secret fix planking, available up to 6000mm long. There is also a specialist fabrication department with technical support for customer designs.

Richard Frame has over 40 years experience in the industry and has Heys Shaw as the largest independent roll former of profiled steel sheets in the North West. He has built a successful commercial team and has a long established team operating at the Ashton-Under-Lyne depot. Constant investment has maintained its position in the field and allowed successful penetration into new market sectors. The standard profiles of WA6 and Super Six R1000 and C1000 remain but 2 new tile effect machines have been installed and a new V40 Bold Roll profile is available which half round in appearance is

Over the last 5 years there has been heavy investment exceeding £500 000 improving the capacity and range of products in the portfolio. Diverting into new market sectors whilst still providing the quality expected, has been the key to the maintained growth of both companies and will continue to be so for Versasteel.

Now Versasteel has the capacity and capability to satisfy the needs of today’s business ranging from diverse products to quick turnaround at the right price.

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