Architectural Fabrications - Louvres & Soakers

Each louver, ridge vent and soaker is manufactured to the individual requirement using whatever material is required by the customer to match the building

Soakers can be manufactured to suit the profiled sheet it will be sitting on or with a flat sheet base along with circular or square apertures. They are used to weatherproof penetrations to roof and wall elevations. The standard material used is aluminium which is fabricated then powder coated as required but both Galvanised and pre-coated steel are available.

Louvres will be manufactured to the required depth using folded steel blades to direct the air flow as required. The variation of depth is to match the insulation thickness of the walls. The product will be manufactured using the same material as the building as to blend and continue the aesthetics. Bird mesh or insect mesh can be attached to the product as deemed necessary.

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