Gutter Systems - Membrane Lined

The choice of gutter is varied from Trimline, Insulated, Single Skin, Bitumen painted, membrane lined and choices of Aluminium and Galvanised. At Versasteel, we can offer the complete range.

Recently there has been an increased demand for the pre-bonded membrane lined gutters. The idea of using a membrane is that once fitted the system is maintenance free. The membrane is heat welded to itself at the joints which makes a water tight joint guaranteed.

The main membrane bonded the galvanised steel product we use is Raintite. This utilises Fatra membrane 1.2mm thick, bonded to 1.5mm Galvanised DX51D Z275g substrate. Fatra have been in production an excess of 70 years and achieve a 30 year BBA certificate for the material with an environmental standard ISO 14001.Fatra coated metal is the only system of its type to meet environmental requirements whilst delivering a system capable of reliable on site hot air seam welding. The Green issue is and will increasingly be of paramount importance for both new building applications and refurbishment of existing building envelopes. The life expectancy is in excess of 35 years. The membrane has a unique durable slip resistant surface and is provided with a flap one end so it eliminates 50% of the welding on site, thus increases productivity.

  • All associated stop ends and outlets are available and manufactured in house.
  • Training is available and certified so that guarantees can be provided for job
  • Gutters available in 3000mm length
  • Single skin and insulated gutters available.

All of the fabrication is done in house by trained personnel and offers a 30 year BBA certification.


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