Gutter Systems - Trimline

The choice of gutter is varied from Trimline, Insulated, Single Skin, Bitumen painted, membrane lined and choices of Aluminium and Galvanised. At J.W.Entwistle we can offer the complete range.

This product is used as an aesthetic feature on a building and is normally produced out of pre-coated steel to suit the other ancillary rainwater dispersal goods. The design is an industry standard with changing dimensions depending on the pitch of the roof. The goods can be produced up to 6000mm in length and can be fitted together with butt straps or telescopic pieces. They can be pre-punched for ease of fitting and reduced time on site. The option of doubled sided material is available for extra weather protection. Stop ends are supplied loose for the gutters and again these can be pre-punched if required.

Recently there has been an increased demand for the pre-bonded membrane lined gutters. All of the fabrication is done in house by trained personnel and offers a 30 year BBA certification.

All of the accessories are supplied such as loose or welded stop ends and outlets, weir overflows, hoppers, “T” junctions, sumps and brackets. Gutters also come with all the fixings necessary.


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