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Relocation of our Flashing and fabrication division to a larger site

The Flashing and fabrication division of Versasteel will be relocating to a new premises week commencing the 10/08/15. The new site is twice the size of the current location and close to the motorway network making deliveries and collections easier. Whilst it is sad to leave the site at Salford which the company has been producing goods under Versasteel and J W Entwistle for over 100 years, the prospect of a clear open facility which is twice the size is fantastic.

More capital expenditure on machines will increase the products available and increase the efficiency of the division offering extremely quick turnaround of goods at very competitive prices. Please feel free to call or visit us at our new site to see how we have developed.

Versasteel Flashings and Fabrications
Unit D, Midway
Gilchrist Road
Northbank Industrial Estate.
M44 5AY
Tel: 0161 7756925
Fax: 0161 4250680

More Capital Expenditure on Machinery.

With another good start to the year across the Versasteel group we have seen more capital expenditure on machinery to further improve the service that we provide and speed up the processes and improving lead times for the more demanding time that we are in.

The Salford fabrication division has increased the capabilities by way of adding rolling machines, extra curving and bending machinery and improving the storage facilities. This has resulted in the recent increase in demand being met and serviced successfully. It is now easier to utilise the 6000m folding machines and offer longer products on a shorter lead-time. Bull nose details, curved flashings, column casings and curved fascias are more readily available. The knock on effect has also made these products more competitively priced.

The Ashton Under Lyne depot has further increased the portfolio of roll formed roofing and cladding sheets with the addition of a new tile line which now takes the compliment up to 3 different designs. These can be produced form 0.5mm gauge up to 0.9mm gauge dependant on the requirement. They can be produced from polyester, textured polyesters and plastisol coated finishes in many different colours. The steel tile roof sheets are available in addition to the standard R1000 Super Six, WA6, V40 Bold Roll and the corrugated roof sheets. Cladding sheets that compliment the roof sheets are produced and the liner tray is rolled from this site.

A new addition to the roller shutters division is the wind lock guide machine. We now produce this product up to 8m in length from plain and galvanised 3.0mm steel. This is in addition to the two lath rolling mills which run galvanised from 0.6mm to 0.9mm and plastisol 0.7mm gauge. The lath is produced up to 9m in length and all the other accessories are available including hoods up to 6m long in one piece.

Tile Effect Roof Sheet – New Machine.

Following the recent success of the roll formed tiled effect roof sheets, the Versasteel 1000 and the Versasteel 1100, a new Line has been installed to increase the capacity and secure the excellent service provided in this product line.

The Sheets are used in many different applications including flat to pitch conversions for domestic, commercial and public buildings to leisure buildings, stables, park homes and many more. With choices in finishes and colours and guarantees up to 40 years combined with the security aspect of the products, the possible applications are incredibly varied.

The major advantage using the pre-coated steel tile effect roof sheets is the speed of installation. With the ability to install a sheet, 1 metre wide and up to 6 metres long in one go, compared to the equivalent in traditional tiles, the benefits are obvious. The weight of the sheets compared to a traditional tile system is also a major saving on the sub structure.

After manufacturing the sheets for three major social housing projects, the feedback has been very positive and a resounding success form the point of the roofers, who finished the job quicker and the clients who saved on the cost.

The ability to produce the buildings off site to speed the installation time on site can now be improved again by using the Versasteel 1000 and the Versasteel 1100 tile effect steel sheets.

  • Proven increased speed of installation on projects by up to
  • Sheets can be used up to 6m in length compared to installing individual slates or tiles.
  • The weight per m2 is 4.5 Kilograms compared to an average of 60 Kilograms per m2 of the equivalent concrete tile
  • Less trusses are needed due to weight, 1800mm centres opposed to 450mm when using concrete. Not only will this save on money but create more space which will generate more money from the build.
  • 3-4 day lead time opposed to 10 – 14 weeks.
  • Up to 40 years guarantee dependant on the coating specified.
  • Variety of colours available and the option of colour match.
  • Manufactured in the UK.
  • All flashings produced form the same material.
  • Roofing fillers and vents and accessories provided to complement the sheets.
  • 80% of new builds in Scandinavia are specified and built with steel tile effect roof sheets which are subject to a larger range of temperature extremes and snow loads.

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