Versasteel 1100 Tile Effect Roof Sheets

Versasteel 1100 Tile Effect Roof Sheet is light in weight, simple to fit and is available in a wide range of colours. Being so light in weight, it is ideal for over roofing or flat to pitch conversions.

Because the Versasteel 1100 Tile Effect Roofing Sheet is almost maintenance free, along with its appearance this makes it an ideal product for schools, hospitals and other public buildings.

Versasteel 1100 is manufactured at our dedicated plant in Greater Manchester. We have a major investment in the Versasteel 1100 tile production line and this combined with being centrally located near the motorway network enables us to offer fast deliveries, usually within 7 days to anywhere on the UK mainland.

Versasteel 1100 Tile Effect Roofing Sheet Profile


Product Options - Colour

Heritage Green Tile Roof Sheet   Terracotta Tile Roof Sheet   Merlin Grey Tile Roof Sheet
Heritage Green   Terracotta   Merlin Grey
Black Tile Roof Sheet   Olive Green Tile Roof Sheet   Vandyke Brown Tile Roof Sheet
Black   Olive Green   Vandyke Brown

The Colours shown above are some of the most popular. If you don't see one you like, for the whole range please consult our sales team.

Colours shown are for guidence only.

Product Options - Sizes

The Gauges Tiles Length
0.5 mm

Particularly useful when weight is a major concern.


The tile length as standard, the 350 mm tile for the standard size project.


400mm for the larger project.

Sheets can be manufactured up to 4000mm in length

Single tile lengths can also be manufactured if required.

The Finishes

The standard finish is Plastisol but we also offer PVF2, Polyester and Hi-Build Polyester is also available.

All finishes are on 275 grms Galvanised Steel or AZ 150 Aluzinc substrate to ensure maximum corrosion resistance and good long service life guarantees upto 25 years are available.

  The Substrate

Fixing Details

Position and fix Versasteel 1100 sheets from ridge to eaves, taking care to align the sheet square to the ridge / eaves axis and not parallel to the gable. To assist, an Alignment Board can be fixed at a distance of 40mm from the front face of the eaves facia and the tile sheets fixed accordingly. Tile sheets to be fixed down to battens with Self Drill, Tap Fasteners minimum 25mm long with EPDM or Neoprene Sealing Washers or special Fixings for fixing to steel purlins.

Care should be taken to ensure correct compression of the Sealing Washer. The Fasteners are always to be positioned in the base of the profile pan, in order to obtain a direct fixing from the sheet to the batten and in accordance with the relevant codes of practice. Fastener consumption to be a minimum of six per m2 of tile sheet area. Alternatively, the Versasteel 1100 sheets can be fixed by special fixings for fixing into steel purlins. There should be a minimum of three fixings per purlin or every bottom panel of high wind location indicates extra precautions. If the site is of an exposed nature and or subject to high winds rain/snow, the sheet side laps should be sealed with 9 x 3 Butyle tape and stitched at tile centres with stitching screws. Fixings to have matching colour caps as per the tile sheet.

Trim section and accessories: Ridge and Gable
Fix ridge section to the main tile sheet at every 500mm centres with self drill and tap stitching screws with matching colour caps. Ridge sections to have an overlap of 100mm, insert profiled foam fillers between underside of ridge and top side of sheet. Fillers to be held in position with a suitable mastic sealant. Position and fix end caps to ridge ends. Position and fix gable trim sections from ridge end to eaves at gable ends. Gable trims to have an overlap of 150mm and cut and formed to close as ‘boxed end’ at eves end trim.

Codes of practice applicable include:
A. BS 5427: 1976: Appendix E
B. BS 1494: part 1. 1964 Also: The National Federation of Roofing Contractors is a guide to
good practice in sheet metal roofing.

Technical Details

The cover width of the tile sheet is 1100mm
Sheets can be manufactured up to 6000mm in length
Standard tile length is 350mm and can be extended to suit roof size.
Single tile lengths can also be manufactured if required.

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